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Puppy/Small Dogs

For most dogs less than 15lbs and up to 30lbs

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Few people realize just how much energy is packed into that deceptively adorable little body. But you know better.

Most small breeds were designed for active jobs such as chasing scents and catching vermin. They have as much, if not more energy than larger dogs, and keep on going and going… long after you’ve retired to the couch.

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Medium Dogs

For most dogs 15–59lbs

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Too big to fit in a purse, yet not too big to jump into your arms, you’d describe your best buddy as “medium-sized.”

Mid-size dogs were bred with the perfect proportions for high-impact activities. Feisty terriers chased small creatures through fields and underground tunnels. Herding dogs kept dozen of cattle in line by nipping at their ankles.

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Large Dogs

For most dogs 60–100+lbs

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Our toughest Tether Tug toys are made with your big pup in mind. They stand up to even the strongest, most determined dogs.

From protecting entire herds of cattle to hunting down large prey, big dogs were made for strength and endurance. They thrive with physical and mental stimulation.

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