Who We Are

At Tether Tug, we are all about keeping dogs healthy, happy, and entertained.

Our small company is tucked away in the southwest corner of Missouri, where you’ll find a staff full of real animal lovers.

We started Tether Tug with a simple mission: To help people find a way to keep their dogs playing, having fun, and to ensure a loving bond between pet and owner.

Dogs need heavy amounts of activity to stay healthy. As a pet owner, you know that. However, the average arm cannot handle constant tugging and throwing – no matter how much we want to play with our playful pooches.

That’s where Tether Tug comes to the rescue! We are a USA-based company that loves dogs (and cats, horses, guinea pigs…you get the picture), and we want dogs to have fun, too. We have designed a toy that we know they will love, and your arms will thank you for.

The Tether Tug was designed by our father and son team, Roger and Adam. Inspired by our three-legged rescue dog, they set out to create a tugging toy that offered exercise and enough excitement to ensure a dog was never bored.

What Dog Doesn’t Love to Play Tug-of-War?

There’s no one answer as to why dogs delight in playing tug-of-war, but one thing all pet owners know is they sure do love it. Unfortunately, our shoulders and arms cannot handle much more than a few minutes of tugging, pulling, and fun. With the Tether Tug, dog owners give their dog the gift of tug-of-war any time of the day they want.

Today we offer a variety of Tether Tug products designed for keeping dogs healthy, happy, and entertained. From the UBER Tether Tug to the Indoor Tether Tug, and even the Puppy Tug, we know you’ll find a product that works great for your breed – maybe even two!

We’re excited to share our product line with you, and hope you enjoy the products we’ve designed. More so, we hope that you have the opportunity to keep your pet entertained, regardless if it’s snowing outside, cold and rainy, or your dog is indoors while you spend the day at work.

What People Are Saying

We love our tether tug! Stella is a very active puppy and she spends as much time as possible playing! Thank you for this awesome toy!

Stacy & Toni

The best! My dog can’t wait to go outside and play with it everyday. And best of all, he now leaves the couch alone! Couldn’t recommend this toy highly enough.


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