Small-Sized Dogs


For the small dog who “has it all,” Tether Tug is a unique playtime experience. You’ve never seen your pup in action like this before – chasing, running, jumping and tugging while you sit back, watch and enjoy.

Few people realize just how much energy is packed into that deceptively adorable little body. But you know better.

Most small breeds were designed for active jobs such as chasing scents and catching vermin. They have as much, if not more energy than larger dogs, and keep on going and going… long after you’ve retired to the couch.

For small dogs with the spirit of a wind-up toy, interactive play is a must.

Interactive play makes it easy for your dog to get a healthy amount of exercise every day. Tugging tones core muscles, gets the heart racing and builds strength in your dog’s legs and jaws for a full-body workout.

Maintaining a healthy weight comes easily to dogs who get plenty of activity. A strong, fit body helps protect your dog against disease and injury, for fewer vet visits and more years of friendship.

Play improves your dog’s wellness from the inside out. Anxiety and insecurity commonly cause behavioral issues in small dogs. Exercise is an essential part of a plan to eliminate inappropriate behavior.

Which Tether Tug should I get for my Small Dog?

There are small dogs, then REALLY small dogs! No matter if you are a Jack Russel or a Teacup Pup, our toys will help burn off their extra energy!

Our Indoor Tether Tug is made specifically for dogs under 30 lbs, and has a soft fleece toy that is safe for delicate teeth (and your living room!). Great for apartment dwellers or dogs that don’t make it outside as much.

Our outdoor tugs come in two models for smaller dogs, the Small and Medium size. Small is typically for dogs under 15lbs and comes with the same soft fleece toy like the indoor.

The Medium tug is designed for 15-30 lb pups, but if you have a crazy terrier under 15 lbs, we always recommend going up a size. Have a pup close to the 30lb mark but they are a little crazy? Strong puller? Get the Large Tether Tug, they will love the extra resistance!

Sound too small for your pooch? Check out the Tether Tugs for Medium and Large Dogs!

Not your dog?

Medium Tether Tug (15-34 lb. dog) - TetherTug

Medium Tether Tug (under 7kgs dog)

$65.00 $60.00

Large Tether Tug (35-60lb dog) - TetherTug

Large Tether Tug (7-20 kgs dog)

$75.00 $65.00

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