Medium-Sized Dogs


Too big to fit in a purse, yet not too big to jump into your arms, you’d describe your best buddy as “medium-sized.”

They’re happy to spend the afternoon hanging out on the couch, but their true joy is in running, jumping and tugging.

Mid-size dogs were bred with the perfect proportions for high-impact activities. Feisty terriers chased small creatures through fields and underground tunnels. Herding dogs kept dozen of cattle in line by nipping at their ankles.

Besides being a family companion, your dog probably doesn’t have a job anymore. But they still have tons of drive.

Active play satisfies your dog’s need to practice innate skills. Daily exercise keeps your medium dog at an appropriate weight, and builds muscles they’ll need to stay healthy and limber into their senior years.

You’ll also notice a calmer, more trainable dog. Give your dog appropriate ways to play, and they’ll spend less time looking for creative destructive ways to entertain themselves.

The game of tug emulates the way a wild or working dog would chase, catch and shake their prey.

Whether you play tug-o-war with your dog or gift them with their own Tether Tug, they’ll benefit by building a powerful jaw, legs and core muscles.

Get toys specially designed to meet the needs of your medium-sized dog from Tether Tug.

Which size is right for my dog?

This medium size of dog can be very tricky, as they may be fairly slender but still have a huge play drive that makes them play like a dog 20 lbs heavier!

Typically for this size of pup, we recommend either our Medium or Large Tether Tugs. Medium typically ranges from 15-30 lbs and large from 30-59 lbs. However, you know your dog, and if your 25 lb pup nearly rips your arm out of socket playing tug, you should move up a size.

Any herding/working dog should go up one size from their listed weight (even if that means your 40 lb dog should move to our XL size). We are looking right at you Border Collies/Australian Shepherds!

If you happen to have a pit bull/rott/german shepherd that falls into this weight range, always go to the UBER size. They play differently and need the extra strength.

If the above doesn’t sound like your dog, click here to see all of our different toy sizes!

Not your dog?

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