Large-Sized Dogs


The intense chase-and-tug play your big dog craves – no more sore arms for you. Tug games are the fastest way to tire out a large dog. It’s also the fastest way to feel like your arms are on fire.

Our toughest Tether Tug toys are made with your big pup in mind. They stand up to even the strongest, most determined dogs.

From protecting entire herds of cattle to hunting down large prey, big dogs were made for strength and endurance. They thrive with physical and mental stimulation.

When they get plenty of exercise, large dogs make great couch buddies. They’re calmer, more trainable and less prone to anxiety-related behavior issues - but only when you keep up with their daily activity needs.

Another reason to keep moving: large dogs are prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia. While genetics are partially responsible, inactivity and obesity dramatically increase your dog’s risk.

Daily exercise helps your dog burn more calories, even when they’re resting. Combined with a healthy, high quality diet, your dog can lose or maintain weight to reduce stress on their joints.

Which Tether Tug to get for my Large Dog?

We have two different options for our larger pups, our XL and UBER Tether Tugs. For most dogs, if they are between 60-99 lbs, we recommend the XL, over 100 lbs, get the UBER. But not all dogs are created equal…

Before you scroll down and buy one, if you know you have a SUPER STRONG or overly aggressive dog, we would also recommend going up at least one size from what the weight class says.

If you have a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Shephard, Malinois, or other super strong dog that may be under 100 lbs (or even under 50 lbs), always get the UBER size. These dogs play hard, and we made the UBER to stand up to their play.

Think your pup is too small for one of these larger poles? Check out our selection of toys for small and medium dogs.

Not your dog?

XL Tether Tug (60-90lb dog) - TetherTug

XL Tether Tug (20-35 kg dog)

$80.00 $70.00

Uber Tether Tug (100+lb dog) - TetherTug

Uber Tether Tug (35kg + dog)

$85.00 $75.00

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