Not all tether tugs are equal.
Find which one is right for your dog.

Why Choose Tether Tug?

Because Dogs Are Born To Play

How Much Play Did Your Dog Get Today? 

You and your dog head home after a long hike. He struggles to keep his eyes open on the drive home and runs straight to the couch to end the afternoon with a snuggle in front of the TV.

Your favorite part? The goofy, satisfied grin of a dog after an intense day.

You wish you could tire your dog out like that every day. Realistically, you know that’s nearly impossible. Dogs are built for speed, strength and hours of play. They need different types of stimulation to be healthy, happy and on their best behavior. When you can’t keep up with your active dog, Tether Tug provides hours of engaging, interactive play.

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Better Behavior Starts With Play

You’ve probably heard the saying, “a tired dog is a good dog.” Making your dog too tired to misbehave — that’s just the half of it.

Exercise gives your dog an outlet for their natural drive to chase, grab, tug and run. It gives them a chance to use the skills they practiced over past generations of hunting, retrieving and guarding. Discouraging bad behaviors – such as destructive chewing, excessive barking and leash pulling – can be as simple as giving your dog alternative, appropriate ways to let loose. Combined with consistent training, exercise creates a polite, well-rounded dog.

Tether Tug is an entertaining addition to your backyard. It can help prevent behaviors such as digging, fence fighting and escaping simply by giving your dog something better to do. Tether Tug’s flexible pole allows for 360 degree spinning and rotating that keeps your dog guessing. It’s more than just a tug toy – it’s a full-body and brain workout. Your dog will love to chase the sturdy rope toy and latch on with all their might. Tether Tug’s sturdy, in-ground base is made to stand up to even the toughest tuggers.

Say “Yes!” To Just One More Treat

Around 54% of dogs in the United States are classified as overweight or obese.

It’s not just because it’s hard to say no to extra treats and leftovers from dinner. It’s also because we’re busier than ever – working long hours and coming home exhausted, with less time and energy to help our dogs burn off those extra calories. 

An overweight dog is prone to diabetes, liver failure, arthritis and respiratory issues. Dogs in the United States are going to the vet more often and living shorter lives – for a totally preventable reason. Paired with a healthy diet, Tether Tug helps your dog burn calories through chase, jump and tug play. It’s a great reason to say “Yes!” to that well-deserved treat. From Big To Small, Tether Tug Out-Plays Them All!

From the Medium Tether Tug to our super-strong UBER toy, there’s a challenge for every active dog in our online store. Shop all sizes to find the perfect gift for your canine companion.

What People Are Saying

We love our tether tug! Stella is a very active puppy and she spends as much time as possible playing! Thank you for this awesome toy!

Stacy & Toni

The best! My dog can’t wait to go outside and play with it everyday. And best of all, he now leaves the couch alone! Couldn’t recommend this toy highly enough.


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